Nominations 2018-2020, 2018-2019 special election

AEA Officer and Executive Board

Nomination and Election Timeline

2018-2020 (2 year terms) Special Election for MAC Chair 2018-2019 (one year term)

Nominations and elections for:  President, Recorder, Primary Rep, Middle School Rep, ESA Rep, CTE Rep and one a year term for MAC Chair.


Description / Activity


March 14th

Announce that nominations are open for positions above, and send out electronic nomination forms to all members

AEA Office

March 28th

Nomination forms must be RECEIVED at the AEA office by close of business (4:30 pm)


March 29th

Request for Acceptance & Biographical Information sent to Nominees

AEA Office

April 20th

Acceptance & Biographical information due and must be RECEIVED at the AEA office by close of business (4:30 pm)

All Running Candidates

April 23th

Voters' guide will be emailed to all members, separate from the voting

AEA Office

April 30th

Candidates may choose to campaign at Rep Council (Rainer Middle School Commons)

All Running Candidates

May 7th – 11th  

Electronic Voting (SurveyMonkey)

All Members

May 14th

Results will be announced via email, first to all the candidates, then to the membership

AEA Office

Nomination forms may be sent via email to: , through the district mail or via USPS.


1802 A St SE, STE B

Auburn WA 98002