Fall Membership Grants

The AEA wants to thank all the members that submitted grants this fall.  We received a total of 115 grant requests.  The grant committee will meet on November 9th to award the grants.  Checks will be cut the 13th and will be dispersed that week.  

You Should Know

  • 2017-2018 Executive Board and Officers

    President: Dianne Jordan
    Vice President: Paul Cooper
    Treasurer: Steve Goliff
    Recorder: Anne Clark
    High School Rep: Scott Husar
    Middle School Rep: Aaron Cowan
    Intermediate Rep: Leah McIntyre
    Primary Rep: Sandra Robinson
    SPED Rep: Elaine Hogg
    ESA Rep: Deb Landis
    CTE Rep: Jim Wickens
    MAC Chair: Chris Wilson
  • WEA-RA and NEA-RA

    It's time to start thinking about who you would like to represent YOU at the state and national representative assembly. WEA-RA is April 19th - 21st in Spokane and NEA-RA is June 30th - July 5th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Nomination forms will be sent out to all members on Tuesday November 7th.
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  • Building Blitzes continue

    This fall the AEA will be visiting the remaining elementary schools to complete our all district, all members meetings. As we head into a bargaining year this information will be very important to the bargaining team. Thank you for all you do for the students in Auburn!