WEA Delegates

In April the AEA will send 15 of your fellow members to Spokane WA to represent you at WEA-Rep Assembly.

Here is a list of the delegates:

Christal Bailey, Olympic; Amber Birge, Washington; Aaron Cowan, Mt. Baker; Martin Harris, AJ; Elaine Hogg, AHS/TAP; Glenn Jenkins, Dick Scobee & Cascade; Lainee Lenihan, Olympic; Melissa Messmer, WAHS; Carolyn Olson, Ilalko; Molly Picatti-Baker, AHS; Sandra Robinson, Dick Scobee; Anne Clark, Mt. Baker; Leah McIntyre, Terminal Park; Geri Rohlff, ARHS; Dianne Jordan, President

In the April Newsletter we will feature a recap for our members.

You Should Know

  • 2017-2018 Executive Board and Officers

    President: Dianne Jordan
    Vice President: Paul Cooper
    Treasurer: Steve Goliff
    Recorder: Anne Clark
    High School Rep: Scott Husar
    Middle School Rep: Aaron Cowan
    Intermediate Rep: Leah McIntyre
    Primary Rep: Sandra Robinson
    SPED Rep: Elaine Hogg
    ESA Rep: Deb Landis
    CTE Rep: Jim Wickens
    MAC Chair: Chris Wilson
  • WEA-PRE Retirement Seminar

    Save the date!!!! April 27th and 28th

    The AEA will once again host a Pre-Retirement Seminar. Registration information will be emailed to members in March.

    Space is limited to 30 people and payment is due at the time of registration.
  • Nomimations for AEA Officers and Executive Board

    On March 14th the AEA office will send out a request for nominations for open positions for Officers and Executive Board.

    This year the AEA will be electing a new President as Dianne will be retiring in June.

    Here is a list of the open positions:

    Two year term: President, Recorder, Primary Rep, Middle School Rep, ESA Rep, CTE Rep

    One year term: MAC Chair.