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Washington Education Association news release, 3/8/18

Statement from WEA President Kim Mead about the supplemental state budget the Legislature approved today.

"The additional $1 billion for K-12 educator salaries is a major victory for the students of Washington. This additional funding for the upcoming school year will help school districts provide the competitive, professional pay needed to attract and keep caring, qualified teachers and education support professionals for our students.

"We are proud that Washington Education Association members have been at the forefront of the fight for better school funding for decades, including the McCleary court case, which WEA has supported from the start. Our years of hard work and advocacy are paying off for the students of Washington.

"In coming months Washington's educators will work with their school districts and communities to ensure this new school funding is invested in the educators who support and educate our students every day.

"After years of underfunding and falling behind, and with our state facing a significant shortage of teachers and other school employees, now is the time for school districts to step up and provide competitive educator salaries as ordered by the Washington Supreme Court and as intended by the Legislature. Our students deserve no less than that."