Executive Board

Auburn AEA  Officers and Executive Board work hard for it's Union members.  The Officers and Executive Board serve for two years and carry out a variety of duties.  AEA currently has 12 members that sit on the Executive Board. If you are interested in running for an upcoming elections the duties are listed below.

Duties of the Executive Board


President, Elaine Hogg          

AEA Office   253-804-6010           pres@auburnea.org

Vice President, Paul Cooper

Rainier MS   253-931-4843           pcooper@auburn.wednet.edu

Treasurer,  Aaron Cowan

Mt. Baker MS 253-804-4555          acowan@auburn.wednet.edu

Recorder, Molly Picatti-Baker                 

Auburn Senior High 253-931-4880      mpicattibaker@auburn.wednet.edu

Member Awareness (MAC), Lainee Dow

Olympic MS 253-931-4966               ldow@auburn.wednet.edu

High School Rep, Scott Husar                      

Auburn Riverside   253- 804-5154       shusar@auburn.wednet.edu

Middle School Rep, Nicholas Cope

Mt. Baker MS   253-804-4555            ncope@auburn.wednet.edu

Intermediate Rep, Leslie LaFayette           

Terminal Park   253- 931-4978             luffalussylafayette@auburn.wednet.edu

Primary Rep, Mary Runions

Terminal Park   253- 931-4978            mrunions@auburn.wednet.edu

Special Ed Rep, Dawne Cairney                 

Bowman Creek   253-931-4958            dcairney@auburn.wednet.edu

Career & Technical Ed. Rep, Kyle Rees

Auburn Riverside   253-804-5154            krees@auburn.wednet.edu

ESA Rep, Bethany Pardo                   

Student Special Service, SLP                bpardo@auburn.wednet.edu  

Diversity Rep, Sandra Robinson                     

Dick Scobee   253-931-4984                  srobinson@auburn.wednet.edu