The governor, legislators, school board and a host of other elected public officials, make policy decisions about compensation, school funding, accountability, testing, certification and countless other school issues, all vital to the health and survival of public education in our state.

WEA-PAC is Washington Education Association's Political Action Committee. It is education’s collective voice in our state for better public schools, and the political action arm of your local association. WEA-PAC supports candidates, regardless of party, who champion the needs of public education. Based on input from local WEA-PAC members, WEA-PAC determines how political candidates stand on the issues that affect our members, our schools and our students. We support good candidates who are willing to stand up for public education. Voluntary WEA-PAC contributions are what give WEA its clout in state and local elections.

Candidates from local to statewide positions can and do receive assistance from WEA-PAC. School boards, city councils, the state Legislature, the governor, the superintendent of public instruction and judgeships have all been affected by WEA-PAC and its members.


It's vital for public school employees to have a political voice! No one knows better what works in our classrooms than educators. By contributing to WEA-PAC, you:

  • Help make certain that the people who make decisions about public school funding understand and support our issues.
  • Have a collective voice, working to ensure that those elected to our state Legislature fulfill their paramount duty of amply funding public education.
  • Can impact changes which will ensure that our children have a bright future in our public schools.
  • Help ensure our Legislature understands the needs of our children and supports their futures, by providing a quality learning environment, quality teacher, and quality support staff.

Who better to have a voice in determining education policy than you?

How do I join?  WEA-PAC