Our Voice WEA

Here we go again. The anti-union, anti-public education Freedom Foundation is at it again.

Yesterday, they sent out emails, over school district accounts, to encourage people to drop their union membership. Several people also received old fashioned mail at their homes, under the name “Opt Out Today.”

Remind our members who these people are, and what we stand for. The difference is clear.

  • We, WEA members, are the ones who initiated, paid for, lobbied for and ultimately succeeded in getting the state to add billions of new dollars for public education, so that every student has access to a quality public education. 
  • We are the largest statewide organization that advocates for our students and public education. We support pro-student, pro-education candidates, including Senator Manka Dhingra, who was elected with our help last year. This led directly to the state funding an additional $1 billion for educator salaries. 
  • As a result, many of our members bargained historic, life-changing gains in pay this year. Some locals are still bargaining, and yes, the new salary funding is for classified staff too. For those of us still at the table, there is still time to organize behind our bargaining team to achieve the gains as intended by the court and legislature and supported by parents.
  • WEA members are the ones who also pushed for and helped pass the “simple majority” law that allows school levies to be approved with 50% of the vote. We passed the class size initiative and continue to work to achieve reductions in caseloads and class sizes for all grades.

Contrast that with the Freedom Foundation and “Opt Out Today.” They may pretend to care about you, but they oppose unions and our right to collectively bargain. They oppose any increases in funding for public education. They oppose reducing class sizes and caseloads. Their sole purpose is to weaken our unions and our ability to achieve great things for our students, our schools, and ourselves.

Please reach out to your members and remind them that when we are united and strong, we have the power to attain what we set out to do. And that takes every single one of us standing together.

Thank you,